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Quatro Allround all black cycling helmet for every type of terrain

Whether flow trail or cross country, post-work session or full-day adventure – the uvex Quatro allround all black cycling helmet offers outstanding design and optimal safety.

The Quatro allround all black cycling helmet is an all-rounder cycling helmet that offers the highest protection standards. The double inmould cycling helmet has an excellent fit, height and width adjustment of the uvex IAS 3D fit system, which guarantees the perfect fit in all situations. Seventeen ventilation channels care for the coolest conditions a high-class cyclist needs. The large, height-adjustable visor can be adapted single-handedly or removed altogether as required

We at Uvex understand that helmet fit is crucial for optimal protection. Having the same head circumference does not necessarily guarantee that a helmet can provide maximum safety and comfort. The IAS advanced fit system provides the perfect adjustment, in every direction, to match every individual head shape. Uvex Fast Adapting System further ensures a perfect fit with webbing that can be easily and continuously tailored to your exact head shape. The helmet stays securely on the head in all situations, and the webbing straps are always in the best position.

To ensure your safety, make sure to measure for the helmet size correctly:

Use a flexible measuring tape around the head. You should position it just above the eyebrows. Make sure the measuring tape lays flat against the head but doesn’t pinch. It should be level all the way around

Read the measurement off the tape. Take several measurements. The largest measurement you take is the measurement to go by. Make a note of this measurement so that you will remember it when it comes to choosing a helmet

Select a helmet designed to fit your kid’s head circumference. Most helmets are designed to fit a range of head circumference measurements.

Try the helmet on. You should try the helmet on before purchasing to ensure it fits correctly. The helmet should cover both the forehead and the back of the head. If you put it on and shake your head front and back or side to side, the helmet shouldn’t wobble in either direction.






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